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There is a man, named Job, in the Old Testament that once wished that there was someone who could be a bridge between him and God-someone who could put his hand on both Job and God and mediate between them. But,sadly, Job says, no such person exists who is both a representative of people and a representative of God.

This is the crux of the problem in salvation. Even if there were a perfect human that person still could not represent God because humans are created beings and God is the Creator.

That's why when God announced that He Himself would be the Savior, it was something beyond anything that anyone had imagined up to that point. God declared that He would take on humanity, in the person of Jesus, so that He Himself could represent both God and mankind.

Jesus is fully human. But He did not sin. He fully yielded Himself to God through the power of the Holy Spirit (we'll talk about Him a little later) so that Jesus completely trusted God as seen in His perfect obedience. Of course, this was the way that God had intended for people to live from the beginning.

Jesus is also fully God. He did things that only God could do and He Himself claimed on a number of occasions that He was God.

Because Jesus is God-man, He can be the person that Job wished for-someone who can put His hand on our shoulders (because He is human) and put His hand on God's shoulder (because He is God) and mediate between the two of us.

And, of course, the biggest problem in our relationship with God is that we fall under His anger because of our sin. We noted that God's anger is a natural expression of His love. But God said that He would become like us, in Jesus, so that we could have a mediator between us and Himself. But even that isn't where God's salvation ends. Even if Jesus is the perfect mediator and has died for our sins, we are completely unable to live life any differently. If the cross were the end of the story, then we might have hope for after we die, but our lives here and now would remain utterly miserable.

That's one of the primary points of the resurrection of Jesus. Because of all this, Jesus becomes the only hope for us and those who reject Jesus, reject all that He has accomplished for them. God wants our trust because that's the only thing a loving relationship can be grounded on. But when we reject what Jesus has done for us, we stand before God with nothing more than our good deeds. He's not looking for our deeds, He's looking for our faith.

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