The Year of the Harvest: Resting

Our sermon series this coming year will be focused on the harvest - harvesting the fruit in our spiritual lives, in our families, in our finances, in our work, and in our church. None of these aspects of our life belong to us - they have been graciously furnished to us by God - but He does expect a harvest from them and for us to offer to Him the fruits of our labor. We are spending an entire year on it because none of us - apart from a miraculous work of God - can bring about a harvest in one season. It takes planning, preparing, planting, cultivating, harvesting, and even a time of fallow ground or rest. Each is a different season of our spiritual lives. We skip a season at the risk of damaging the harvest. Spiritual formation - in your life and in our church - takes time. We are going to spend the time this year learning how to take care of the vineyard that God has put us in charge of.

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