Grades 3 - 5

This class alternates each academic year between the following two curricula:

Year 1: Faithful to all His Promises - Children learn that God's promises are gifts to the believer. The challenge of the Christian life is not to simply know the promises of God, but to place unshakeable confidence in them. This study teaches children that God's character is trustworthy; therefore, His promises are true and reliable.

Year 2: In the Beginning Jesus - This study begins with a historical mystery-Jesus' death on the cross-and asks the questions: "What really happened here", "Why did Jesus die?", and "Who did it?" To find the answers to these questions, this study goes to the beginning of the Bible narrative in Genesis and then moves chronologically throughout the Old Testament text as students search for clues that foreshadow the coming of Jesus and His redemptive work on the cross. Special emphasis is given to showing that the Bible is God's story from beginning to end, and that Jesus is the key to understanding the story.

Summer: The Way of the Wise - a study from Proverbs on wisdom and foolishness. This curriculum uses the book of Proverbs and other Bible passages to contrast the way of the foolish with the way of the wise. Children learn that pursuing wisdom takes effort, discipline, instruction and a teachable heart. The rewards of wisdom are great, but destruction results from following the way of the foolish.

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