5 yr. olds - Grade 2

This class alternates each academic year between the following curricula:

Year 1: Jesus, What a Savior! - Children learn that we were created to enjoy the glory of God. But as sinners we fail to treasure Him as we should. Our hearts are full of sin and we stand in need of a Savior. This chronological study on redemption explores the incomparable greatness and worth of God, the desperate condition of helpless sinners, and the all-sufficient work of Jesus Christ to redeem sinful people.

Year 2: To Be Like Jesus - All people were created in God's likeness.  To be able to live in happiness with God forever, we must be holy and righteous, but we are all born sinful.  God's laws tell us how to be holy and righteous, but no human can do that all the time in every way. This is our huge problem. But God extends His love toward us in that even before we were born, Christ Jesus died for our sins. This study is about salvation and sanctification.

Year 3: The ABC's of God - Right thinking about God is essential for the life of faith. Using the alphabet as a framework for teaching the attributes of God, this study explores the delight that God has in Himself as the source, means and purpose of all things. Each lesson asks and answers three key questions, "Who is God?" "What is He like?" and "How should I act toward God?" as it presents the theology of God for children.

Summer: He Has Been Clearly Seen - a study on creation. Children learn that creation proclaims a message about God, from the smallest snowflake to the largest star, all creation give powerful testimony to the greatness and worth of the one, true, eternal Creator.

Meets in:

 Children's Wing

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