Deuteronomy -- A Call to Renewed Commitment

Do you need to be challenged in your devotion to the Lord?  Written by 120-year-old Moses to a new generation that had survived the nearly 40 years of wilderness wanderings, Deuteronomy is an earnest plea to fully follow the Lord.

It was the time for changing the guard.  Moses was about to die and Joshua take over leadership.  Moses retraces their supernatural deliverance from slavery in Egypt.  He also reviews the law that God had given to guide them.  Then, Moses, led by the Spirit, predicts their future.  God wold abundantly bless the Jews as they followed Him but send many painful judgments on them if they turned from Him.  God called them to wholehearted obedience and to emphasize to the next generation the importance of following Him.  Their decisions would have consequences not only for themselves but also the generations to follow.

We face the same decision:  Will we fully follow the Lord or be disobedient?  Join us as we study this challenging, inspired book.

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