Coming for the First Time

So what's it like to come to Pleasantview Alliance Church for the first time?

Well...the most important thing to tell you is, 'Don't be afraid.' Just about everyone in our church was new at one time or another and felt the same way as you. We try to remember what that felt like so that we can do a better job of making you feel a part of what's going on.

To begin with, the main entrance of the church is in the back. There's an overhang that you can drive up to in case there is bad weather.

Speaking of weather, you may be wondering what you should wear. That's really up to you. We have some who come in their 'Sunday best' which might be a suit or sports jacket. We have others that come in polo shirts and still others that come in T-shirts, jeans and sneakers. It really doesn't matter to us-we're just happy that you're coming! So, come in whatever makes you feel most comfortable.

And speaking of comfortable, we like to try to make people feel comfortable when they come so we try to go out of our way to welcome newcomers (but we DON'T make you stand up in the middle of the service so that everyone in the whole church can see that you're a new person). Don't be surprised if a number of very friendly people come up to you and start talking to you and asking you who you are, how you heard about us, what you do for work, etc. Remember, 'Don't be afraid.' They aren't trying to scam you or get you on a mailing list or sell you anything - they are genuinely interested in who you are as a person. But if at some point you do get uncomfortable, just let them know that you need to get going and they'll let you go (though, of course, we'd love to see you back again!).

Most people visit us for the first time during our Sunday morning worship service (though you are ALWAYS welcome to join us at any of our activities or meetings). We would recommend that if you have children that are 3 and under that you put them in our nursery. There should be someone greeting people at the door who can show you where the nursery is. You can also ask one of the ushers that are standing by the sanctuary doors.

Here's what the typical service looks like:

  • From 10 - 10:30, free coffee is available in our fellowship hall, just on the other side of the foyer from the carport entrance. Help yourself to some while you visit with others. (Please keep the coffee in the fellowship hall.)

  • Music by our Praise Team will begin in the sanctuary (worship center), which signals that we are about ready to begin worshipping God together. This generally leads into a prayer, more songs, and people reading from the Bible. There is a screen up front that has all the words or Scripture verses that you might need.
  • There is usually an offering that is taken. As our guest, we don't expect you to support us financially, but if you feel awkward passing the offering plate without putting something in it, feel free to take a prayer/praise card from the pew rack in front of you and write a prayer request or praise on it before dropping it in the offering plate.  Those requests are given out to our various prayer ministries so that we can pray for your request throughout the week.

  • This brings us to the sermon. This is the part of the service where our pastor explains a part of the Bible and helps us understand how it applies to our life. Sometimes people take notes, and some people don't. That's up to you.

  • After the sermon another song is sung, and then we are sent out with a blessing from the pastor.

  • After the service there is a time of greeting one another. This would be a great time, if you're comfortable, to let some of the people who you shake hands with know that this is your first time at the church. We have approximately 130 people coming every Sunday morning. We really appreciate having visitors, and at our Welcome Center is a gift for you. We won't put you on any mailing lists, and you're not signing up for anything. It just gives us an opportunity for us to know you were here.

The service takes about an hour and half. Sometimes we have special services where we take communion or have people baptized. If you come during one of these services, you'll still be able to follow along and we'll give you direction about anything that's different from what we listed above.

That's a typical Sunday morning service. We hope you decide to come and visit us sometime soon. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact our pastor or call us at 814-763-4880.

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