Vision/Mission Statement

Our Vision

Leading people on a life-changing journey
to become fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ.

Our Mission

Through Christ, we will accomplish our vision by nurturing the following, which will comprise our acts of worship:

Pursuing Holiness - both individually and corporately, we will learn a lifelong obedience to God through the study of His Word and submission to Him.

Developing Unity - Each believer will uniquely serve God in a way that brings together and builds up the body of Christ.

Healing Our Community - We will compassionately and graciously mend the brokenness in our community and the surrounding neighborhoods.

Being Faithful Ambassadors - We will declare the fourfold Gospel in our church, our community, and in the world to all those who are lost, last, least, and lonely.

Our Core Values

Recognizing that what a church values shapes who and what it will become, we hold fast to the following:

We value worshiping and lifting up God - Father, Son, and Holy Spirit - in majesty, honor, glory, and praise because we realize that anything good that people see in us is simply God shining through us.

We value Scripture as God's communication and revelation to us because it contains His will for our lives, a light to direct our feet as we travel the path that God desires for us.

We value prayer as our communication to God because it is the most intimate and personal way for us to speak to our Friend, Father, King, and Creator.

We value holiness in all our thoughts, words, attitudes, emotions, and actions because to be holy is to mirror the complete character of God.

We value the Great Commission and its command to make disciples as we reach out to the world in Jesus' name, teaching and baptizing them, because we want to love all those around us and around the world the way that God has loved us.

16233 State Highway 86, Saegertown, PA 16433
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