While the Pleasantview story was written in the heart of God from eternity past, it became visible in 1916 when Mr. George Bradshaw started a Sunday School in Diehl school house (North Main Street Extension, Meadville) with four children in attendance. The work of keeping the Sunday School going every week was both hard and at times frustrating. After eleven years, thought was given to closing the Sunday School. However, Dean Coates, a missionary with American Sunday School, offered assistance. Motivated by a heart for the unsaved, they determined to continue the Sunday School together.

By 1935, Sunday School attendance had reached 60. The Diehl school house was purchased and incorporated as a nondenominational church, the Diehl Union Mission. For the next several years different pastors of local churches filled the pulpit, including Frederick Bowes, Walter Maurer, Miss Florence Bromley, and John Morris (1951-57). While Florence Bromley was pastor, a building project was initiated to add additional seating and classrooms which were dedicated on July 14, 1951.

The 1956 affiliation with The Christian and Missionary Alliance brought an emphasis on missions and, when needed, provided a source of finding a pastor. It was at this time that the church name was changed to Pleasantview Alliance Church.

Over the next 15 years, the church was blessed with the pastoral leadership of godly men. During the ministry of Don & Barbara Miller (1952-62), many were added to the church to the extent that chairs were used in the aisles. The spiritual and numerical growth continued under the ministry of Gerald & Martha McGraw (1963-68). Gerald eventually felt the Lord's leading to accept a teaching position with Toccoa Falls College. Stanley & Florence Focht was pastor from 1968 to 1979.

In 1968, the current parsonage and church property were purchased. The lots were cleared and construction on the new church building began September 4, 1974. On Sunday, November 2, 1975 an afternoon dedication service was held for the new building.

God continued over the next 30 years to bless the church with godly pastoral leadership. Bill & Doris Murphy came as pastor in 1979. The Lord used Pastor Murphy to focus the church's attention on the spiritual needs of Allegheny College students. Steve & Carol Forsythe served as pastor from 1985 to 1987, after which Bob & Donna Wido came as pastor. Under his ministry an addition was built on to the original church building in order to accommodate the growth of the ministry. Due to Pastor Wido's chaplain ministry in the Army Reserves, a part-time position (for pulpit supply and youth ministry) was filled by Mr. Joe Bradshaw. Pastor Wido left Pleasantview to become an active duty chaplain in 1991. Mr. Joe Bradshaw continued in the part-time youth director position until 2003. Pastor Mark & Cheryl Grossoehme came in 1991 and ministered to the congregation till 1999 when Pastor Walter and Linda Frankenberry came to minister to the church. During their 7 years at Pleasantview the church saw spiritual and numerical growth. From 2004 through 2007, Dave Coddington filled the role of part-time youth pastor. From 2007 to 2013, Pastor Russell and Margaret Huizing ministered to the church family.

In 2003 the church called Pastor Joseph & Marnie Pjecha as Associate Pastor and wife, and they served here until September 2014. Pastor Keith & Jamie Draa ministered here from June 2014 - October 2018.

On July 21, 2019, Pleasantview welcomed Rev. Mike & Becky MacAdam as our Lead Pastor and wife.

Of course, much of the history of the church is not contained simply in its pastoral leadership, its buildings, or even its numerical growth. In many ways, these just represent the skeleton of Pleasantview Alliance Church. What comprises the history of our church-what gives it flesh and blood - are the many hundreds of lives that have been impacted through the faithful ministry of the people in our church. Through the years, God has faithfully used us as His tools, in His hands, for His glory. The impact of that history will not be fully known until one day when we are all together with Him.

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